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Our Expertise

What does Garden Rejuvenation do and what can you expect?

The key thing to understand is that we are not gardening labourers – we are professional, qualified and experienced horticulturists with a passion for all things nature.

We are local so we understand the vagaries of the North East climate and how it will affect your plants, your trees and your lawn.

Garden design & redesign including planting schemes

Lawn management – lay new lawns (turf or seed), repair damaged lawns, moss removal and prevention, weed removal all without harmful chemicals, weekly mowing and edging, setting wild flower meadows as an alternative

Beds and borders – rejuvenate by weeding, clearing and preserving existing plants, advice and supply additional plants suitable to soil type, micro climate and garden style, regularly maintain the ornamental areas including plant and soil health

Hedging, topiary, maintenance, reduction, supply and plant new hedges

Annual pruning of fruit trees to achieve optimum tree health, best fruit yield and over all good aesthetics

Seasonal tree and shrub pruning correctly at the appropriate time of year specific to each plant

Plant sales – perennials, shrubs, trees, annual bedding and veg plants

Pest and disease prevention and control – adopting traditional methods like companion planting, good housekeeping and positive plant health, avoiding the use of chemicals if possible

Workshops and courses – wreath making, garden design, no-dig veg growing, composting, pruning

Garden Rejuvenation can be your one-stop-garden-shop!

Contact us on 01542 810708 or use the form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

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