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I owe the start of my passion for horticulture in part to Gartly primary school.

The school allowed us to enter inter-school sunflower growing competitions. I still remember how thrilling it was to see the first green of the cotelydons popping through the clean, dark soil. That feeling still excites me!

We had a large walled garden that my parents nurtured primarily to grow fruit and vegetables while my brother and I played, studied insects and filled our bellies with not-quite-ripe fruit.


Fast forward to adulthood and unfortunately, although my passion continued to smoulder, I wasn’t encouraged to view it as a career opportunity. Instead, I wasted so many years and missed so many opportunities working simply to earn money.

I bought my own third of an acre garden when I was 25 though and quickly began satisfying my hunger for growing things again. I still had a major focus on food growing at that stage, but I was conscious that companion planting was pretty as well as functional and so my interest in ornamental design grew.

By the time I reached my 40’s I was voluntarily working in several friends and neighbours gardens. I helped a few prepare their gardens for selling, helped a couple more change the gardens they bought. I took on several elderly neighbour’s gardens bring their tired plots back to the heart-lifting standard they had once achieved themselves. I was loving life indeed!

Unfortunately, a few hurdles within a short space of time changed my life irreversibly and it looked like I was going to have to stop all my extra gardening and go back to working just for money. Then one day a wee pop-up advertising horticulture courses appeared on my computer which sparked a new plan; if I had to work for money, why not get paid to do what I love?

I started Garden Rejuvenation 12th February 2013.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Garden Rejuvenation can be your one-stop-garden-shop!

Contact us on 01542 810708 or use the form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

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